I need a photographer. Where do I start?
Before we start anything, we need to know what exactly would you like us to photograph. Brief us of the specifics of your objectives. At the end of the day, what would you like to have?

No idea where to start? Perhaps asking yourself these questions might give an idea of a brief. Simply ask yourself: Who, When, Where, What, Why

Sample Questions you can ask yourself:
I need to photograph the board of directors, at the office lobby, from 9am to 11am, for our annual report.

I need to photograph our product line of biscuits, at our factory in Shah Alam, during a full-day shoot, for our new brochure.

I need to photograph our complete set of food, at our new restaurant, until completion at flexi-hour, for our menu and signage.
What do I get?
For commercial assignments, normally we deliver high-resolution digital images in DVD-ROM. The reason is that in most occurances, the images will be used in another medium, such as print and video. Therefore, a high-resolution digital image would blend into the next workflow seamlessly.
How much do you charge?
Our charges are based on man-hour rate (which accounts the photographer and his/her asisstants, at times the art director, stylist, food stylist and production manager), processing fee and fuel & transportation surcharge.


Based on our previous work, generally our past clients spend around these figures for their photography needs:

Assignment: Shoot Board of Directors Purpose: Annual Report, Journal
Starting from RM 5,000 per session

Assignment: Product photography
Purpose: Product brochure, advertising
Starting from RM 3,600 per session

Assignment: Food photography
Purpose: Restaurant menu, signage, brochure, advertising
Starting from RM 3,600 per session

Assignment: Architectural Photography (Interior and Exterior)
Purpose: Advertising, catalogue, hotel brochure, company profile
Starting from RM 8,000 per assignment

Assignment: Fashion Photography
Purpose: Magazine, advertising, catalogue
Starting from RM 5,000 per assignment

Assignment: Industrial Photography
Purpose: Advertising, catalogue, company profile, image bank
Sample industries: Medical, manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, science
Starting from RM 8,000 per assignment

Assignment: Aerial Photography
Purpose: Advertising, documentation, surveying
Starting from RM 12,000 per assignment

Contact Us

I'm interested, can you shoot tomorrow?
Once in a while we receive eager clients, with very urgent deadlines asking us this question. Our answer is: Yes, we can shoot tomorrow, provided that:

1. We are not booked for other assigments for tomorrow.

2. We've come to an agreement of our photography assignmnent scope and deliverables.

3. You've read and signed the photography contract issued.

4. You've agreed to our estimate/quote and prepared a 50% retainer. Work only commences upon receipt of the retainer.

Contact us through any of our photographers via telephone or email and we'll arrange a meeting over a cup of coffee to discuss further details. What we will be discussing is the scope of the project, budget and timeline. Once we come to an agreement, work can begin upon signing a contract.

What kinds of Commercial Photography do you do?
We like to take up the challenges that our clients throw at us. In the past, we've photographed board of directors of corporate organisations, executives at work, construction, rooftile manufacturer and assembler, petro-chemical plant and restaurant. We look forward to new challenges. Go ahead, throw us your craziest idea and we'll make it happen.